2nd 426 locked up in a week! Help!

I locked up a 426 last week,i was cruisin in 4th and stalled it,instinct had me dump the clutch when it stalled,then it wouldnt kick over! I could get it to kick and start every once in a while,but it seemed like there was alot of drag. I sold that one and bought another one,last night I was messing around in 2nd gear and the bike stalled,instinct took over again and I dumped the clutch to try to pop start it. The same thing happened as the last one! Any ideas on whats going on?!

Could be a lot of things same thing happened to my buddies and he blew piston rings he said

Im hoping its just in the cylinder and not in the lower end. Guess i'll find out tonight :thumbsup:

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