Who Makes the Best/Tallest Foam?

Who makes the best/tallest foam and gripper seat cover. I have the IMS seat and tank, however the tall foam I ordered from Chapparal, doesnt seem right, it barely looks taller. So hook me up with your knowledge. Thanks in advance.

I'm looking hard at that SDG seat replacement product. It's the whole enchilada with the seat frame, foam, and gripper cover for $84.95 from Bob's. Just think, a spare seat ready to bolt on..and at this price. From what I've read, it has slightly softer foam than stock.

Give Guts a try. I have the WR seat tall foam and it is way taller than stock (Makes it almost flat). Seems like I remember somebody selling their Guts tall YZ foam because they thought it was too tall.

Guts - The cure for monkey butt. The tall foam is great. Highly recommended!

Factory Effex tall foam is a full inch taller and much cushier. I don't know how I ever lived without it. It’s not that I got Monkey butt with the stocker, I just don't understand how you're supposed to hang on to the bike while perched atop that inverted sled runner they call a “seat.”

I also use a full gripper seat cover from N-Style, that thing is bulletproof and really holds me in place, especially with the thicker foam.

I've heard the Ceet tall foam is just as firm as stock, yuck. I suppose you could drill holes in it…

If you drill holes in it make sure you use a titanium or carbide drill bit! :)

And lots of cutting fluid. You might consider taking it to a machine shop and having them do it on their mill so that you know the holes are perfectly round because drill bits aren't the most accurate thing in the world.


When in doubt, GAS IT!

TOP, I've been running the Guts tall/firm foam and seat cover for a year (and as you guys from Maob remember, I sit a lot!). I love it. It provides a much better seat/tank transition and sure is more comfortable.

I'll bet others make a good product also, but I sure swear by raising that stock-rock up higher.


Here is a thought. I had my existing seat redon by an apolstry shop. They took the seat cover off, added two inches of foam on the thickest part and tappered it on both ends. The new foam was placed under the original. Looks great, and feels good. I can also move around alot more on the seat. Total cost for all of the labour and material, $60.00. If you interested in pictures let me know.

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