2007 wr 450 what would you pay?

Im going to look at an 07 wr 450 tomorrow its street legal and inspected. Also has a new set of tires on it. Just wonder what you guys would pay for it? Thanks!

Also Im new to the site so hello every one!

depends on what the fork tubes look like, how much wear around the boot areas there is, what the radiators look like, is the airbox clean, is the chain good, sprockets etc...does it looked loved or tossed aside after a day of riding?

Thanks for the reply! Ill be sure to check all that out when I go look at it, If any one has any other info on what to look at on the bike Id be very appreciative for the reply!

I just paid $4000 for an 08' plated, with an extra Acerbis 3.3 gallon tank a billet rear rack, new tires. Great condition. Seemed like a low price compared to the ones I'd seen on CL nationwide. $4000 was the asking price and I felt that was a great deal considering the big tank & rack, and you can't plate offroad bikes in NC. Without the tank & rack I'd have offered $3800, but still would have been willing to pay the asking price.

I'd wanted an 09' or 10' Husaberg 570FE or 450, but they go for at least $5000. I've ridden my buddy's brand new 570FE this week and it's an awesome bike, but I am very happy that I ended up with the WR450. I can't see that the Berg has any advantages over the WR, besides it's 6th speed, FI, and superior mpg. The WR is a thirsty bike. The WR has all the power I'll ever need. The 570FE has more power than most riders will ever need, but it is very controllable.

Since I'd seen the Husabergs selling for $5000 I knew what I was willing to spend on an older WR450 without FI & the 6th gear. I don't think I'd have been willing to spend over $4200, even with a Rekluse & a steering damper.

Your options will vary depending on your location and what prices are there. If bikes are plentiful where you are, you can afford to be patient and wait for a "deal". If not, don't "cheap out" when you find a great bike, because it's not worth a few bucks to be Jonesin' without a bike to ride.

I paid $2020 for an '07 that had been looped, and spent $398.00 to fix it all.

In So Cal they are priced at $3500-4000, but aren't selling.....

Paid 3100 for my 06 and 300 to get it running good and 200 for the street kit. Had only 700km on it

paid $2k even for my 2005 last year. completely stock. perfect shape. 418 original miles.


Thanks for all the reply's guys, I never even thought I could post a link so you could see the bike. He's asking 4,000 I plan to offer 3,500 cash if it looks clean and taken care of. Also if it had the top end re done yet if it hasn't the Yamaha mechanic here in town was saying it would need to be done so I was thinking 3,200 if thats the case.

You said it had like 600miles? It shouldn't need a top end then...

You said it had like 600miles? It shouldn't need a top end then...

I agree. I have WAY more than that on my '06 stock piston. WAY more....

I have an 07 if I were to sell it would be around 4000.00 but I have many extra's that would go with it.

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