Dealer cost to install AIS kit/09' WR450F

I'm sure that I can remove the pea shooter and air box snorkel myself, without causing any damage. Not so confident about doing the AIS removal/jets included with the GYTR AIS

Removal kit, which I've purchased. Any thoughts on what a dealer would charge to do this, or the degree of difficulty for a mechanical newbie to accomplish? I'm 44, been riding sleds/bikes for 40 years, just haven't really done any carb work, happy to just ride.


give it a try. i am :thumbsup:

worse case...try it yourself for free. if you cant get it, pay someone to do it for you.

Yep... give it a try. Its simple. Come back to this forum and you will all the advice that you'll ever need. That's how I learned.

Dealers are rip offs find a good kijiji mechanic. When there's stuff I can do I pay them 45-60 an hour. Th dealers here want 120

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