winter sux

i live in chicago winter here makes life a living hell. there's less riding so im going to tear apart my 85 xr600 suspension and rebuild it. It needs it so bad, if i get any more than 2feet of air the bike will dig a F ing ditch 3feet long by 1foot wide :D. my question, is there any good rebuild kits out there and were can i get them. :)

You can't get 2 feet of air with an 800 pound bike. :)

i regularly get 7 feet of air, 12 at least once, and mine weighs as much as his :), :D

You can't get 2 feet of air with an 800 pound bike. :)

not for nuthin', but that 400 of yours ain't no fly weight balerina(sp?)


Well, apparently the weight was too much for him. He broke down and bought a DR400s tonight. And get this: 291 lbs dry. My XR 247 :)

Yes, I agree, winter sux. I'm glad it only lasts for 2 months, Jan. and Feb. I mean those 45-50 degree temps suck, since that's way too cold. Damn it's good to live in Southwest Texas.

L.L. :)

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