cylinder head breather hose???

Today when i got finished riding i noticed a small amount of oil coming out of the cylinder head breather hose, can someone tell me if this is normal or not??????? It wasnt very much oil, just a little bit that came out of the hose onto the frame....


its normal,, and can happen if a] u put to much oil in or b] the oil is whitish ,,evaporated then poped outa hose

word of warning,, the pipe will suck up water if u sink in a river/puddle etc

re rout or wotever

i added a t piece and a pipe which runs upwards so in water it wud suck the air from the top not water from bottom


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

Mine and my friends both drool about 2 to 5 drops of oil after a long ride.

Sandracer-UK when you say that the "pipe" will suck water, do you mean the breather hose?


yes the head breather pipe that run down below the frame will suck muck and water into ur head/valves cam etc [mucho £/$]

and i know the local shap has fixed lots of bike with this damage

i know of people that have put a fuel filter on the end,, but it really seemed to stiffle power,,, others route the pipe into the air box,,,, but ive heard mention of the quality of air it chucks directly at ur filter,, i wud worry more about it covering everything in white sticky oil.

so the way i fixed it was ,,where the head breather tube curls at the top to come down i fixed a t-piece with another hose running under the tank,, this way if i started it in water it wud just suck air thro the free top pipe instead of struggle sucking water from the bottom

hope this help,, lots of people have different ideas on how to fix it,,, just my 2 pennys worth


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

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