radiator overflow

Has anyone experienced radiator fluid pissing out of the overflow tube when the motor is revved? I have gotten a few different possibilities...and have eliminated a few also...I eliminated a blown head gasket cause the engine oil isn't milky. I 've also eliminated a bad radiator cap by replacing it. I was thinking it could possibly be the impeller bearing? I am going to do a compression test today on the motor and think I need to do a pressure test on the radiator also. Is it possible the radiator could be clogged somehow? I highly doubt it since I drain and refill every 4 months. Anyway any help or thoughts would be very usefull, Thanks, Gar

If you fill the radiator to the top, it will discharge some as it heats up due to thermal expansion. If you leave about an inch below the neck, it will stay at that level. It used to alram me that my '00 would squirt some coolant out and I kept refilling to the top. Once I allowed the cooling system to reach equilibrium, it no longer loses any coolant and has kept the same level for 4 months. I check it before I start the engine for the first time of the day.

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