Petcock: off isn't "off"

Hey, I discovered that the gas still flows even when in the Off position on my WR426. Would a gasket rebuild kit from K&l (eBay) fix this issue or is there something else causing the problem? Thanks for tips/advice you can give!!!!!!

Edit: I should mention that there' s no gas leaking anywhere, just not shutting off......

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I'm not familiar the the ebay brand k&i, but short answer is yes. I have and xs750, which is notorious for the vacuum operated petcocks leaking, and gas getting into crankcase..bad. Chances are the rubber inside the petcock is somewhat deteriorated. A good cleaning and rebuild kit should make it good as new. If your float is doing what it is supposed to do, no harm, but if the float overfills, you will be leaking gas into the cyclinder, which will end up in the crankcase. Give the oil a "sniff test" and see if it smeels like gas. If it does, you need to change the oil after fixing your leaky petcock.

Nothing's leaking anywhere at all, but I suspect the PO probably left the petcock on "on" for a few years, things dried up etc., leading to my current issue. Think I'll order the gasket kit unless someone else chimes in with a solution?

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