Weight limit

According to the owners manual the weight limit of the rider and gear is 225 lbs for the BRP (2000). :)

I weigh a little over 230 lbs. Am I OK to exceed the weight limit by around 70 lbs. if I take my kids for rides?

What part of the bike is in danger if the weight limit is exceeded?



I ride alot with my girlfriend on the back of my 650r offroad at some decent speeds and I've had no problems at all. I weigh 200 with gear and she's about 110.....so 300+ pounds over probably 1000 miles of dirt over the past few years. No problems so far! It is a little undersprung, even with the eibach spring I have, but long as you keep things mellow it's great. No whoops though, they tend to make the back seater eject :) Not that thats ever happened to me or anything! :D

I really dont know where Honda comes up with these weight limits. I mean IIRC, the weight limit on my mom's 79 XR80 is 200lbs. Come on now, the BRP has got to be able to lug around more than 25lbs more than the 80. For one it has 10X the HP. :):D

You're weight is not going to hurt the bike, but you should consider the heavier spring set, for three reasons; to prevent bottoming, to produce better handling, and to allow for proper sag setting, which in turn affects handling quite a bit.

The weight limit that Honda specifies is related to handling issues. The bike was designed to handle best in stock condition with a rider who fits within the recommended weight range. It has nothing to do with the bike not being able to pull around someone who is heavier. And the bike is certainly strong enough to handle a lot of weight. So it's just a matter of handling and suspension.

Good luck with it :)


Thanks for the info. I will look into getting the heavier spring set.

Thanks again for the help, :)


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