WR 450 Engine Dimensions


Been directed to this great site many times on my forays through the internet.

I joined and have a specific question.

Is there a dimensioned drawing of a WR450 engine to be looked at? Ive searched the web unsuccessfully.

I was interested in the possibility of installing one in a RD400 rolling chassis.

The WR engine looks tall and there are other considerations too but I would like to confirm that with a tape measure before wasting any more mental energy.


Quick measurements

Cylinder angle 90 degrees

Max height 17.5" (including small clearance for coil pack & breather tubes on valve cover)

Max width (trans) 12"

Max width (cyl) 6"

Max Length (trans) 13.5"

Distance from front case to cylinder centreline 4"

Upper forward mount width 5.5"

Lower forward mount width 4"

Rear Mount width (swingarm bolt) 3"

Upper cylinder mount width 1.25"

LMK if you need any more measurements

Edited by rs25

Thanks rs25. The RD400 frame is only 14.75" between parallel top and bottom rails. There is 8" between the bottom rails that would allow the engine to sit as low as the side cases would permit.

Do you know if the engine has the same physical dimensions through the model years? I found two side by side images of computer modeled WR engines (un-dimensioned) of different years and the newer looked less tall. I dont know how accurate any of that really was.

I think you would need an engine and frame side by side to evaluate .

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