BK Mod

After I pulled everything apart,I was staring into the Carb. from behind and while I Twisted the Throttle I was amazed at the amount of fuel being shot in to the intake!!It was about a 12" stream for about 4-5 seconds.No wonder I get plug readings the way I do!!!! Any way ,Do it,don't wait,its like a new bike,starts first kick,and friggin pulls to the moon....I can't wait to check a plug ,maybe close to tan????white would work!! I'm at 165 mj/42pj/1-3/4 on fuel screw----Come on CRF lets go!!!!

thats what I am talking about...mine was the same way! It was night and day difference (mine shot for 4.2 secs at stock setting). Now I know why my plug and header was always black and sooty, and why it was a pain to start when hot! Now it starts first kick after a fall down or stall and when cold too! This is the best $5 I have spent on my bike and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants that "edge" on perfromance/starting!



I get my kicks on a 426!

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