How did Air Sarival go today?

Was it HOT enough!!


Moto to Live

Live to Moto


[This message has been edited by G-Man (edited August 26, 2001).]

Well, Paul ALMOST :) tripled out of the rhythm section while leading the experts. He crashed pretty hard and possibly broke his wrist. :D

Paul, Hope you got good news at the hospital and will be riding again soon.

Got to meet Dave S. from here. How'd you do Dave?

Yes it was HOT! Even to spectate. Glad they have all those trees there.

The track seemed a little too dry and they don't have a start gate yet so they had a weird, front wheel in a trench, flagged start.

G, good luck with the new job, sounds like a good one.


'00 YZ426F


Damn I hate to hear that about Paul! He has got to learn to ride like the ol man he is and we are... I hope he's ok, at this rate his wife is gonna make him get rid of that bike!

Thx about the job, let me know if you have any leads ok?


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