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I have a 01 YZ426F and I would like to install a light on it. I have read around about doing a WR crank or having a battery to run the light. Yet, what if I go with this light and put a voltage regulator on it to not over extend the factory 35 watt system. I just need some type of light for riding back to camp when the sun is setting and such. I do not mind it will get dim at idle and crusing around. Just looking to have some sort of light output cheaply. I have the light from a previous ride and it just sits. Wanted to ask before I tear into it and mess something up. Also what all would I need besides the regulator and a on/off switch?


You can't run lights off a totally stock YZ426 stator. You can get yours rewound to "try" to support 35w of power, or use the stator and flywheel from a WR426 or WR400. Changing the crank is only necessary with the 450's. You would have to do a floating ground modification to the stator, but that's easy.

Yes, #'s 1 & 2. You'll also need to perform this little bit of surgery:

Not sure what the total available wattage of the unit is in stock form, but it should support the light. Understand, though, that to use an HID, you'll need a rectifier, regulator, and a battery. HID's have require a major amount of current to start them up, and they have a minimum operating voltage, so if they drop below that at idle, they go out and need to be re-lit.

That surgery seems doable! From reading around says 120 watts :thumbsup: I know I will need the rectifier and regulator. You really think I will need a battery too? If I do need a battery I will just throw the halogen light on. Give me a month or two and I will have pics of the bike all done! Only thing missing is a light, has every damn bolt on part and then some on it LOL.

Edit, halogen light it is! I will need a battery so HID is a no go, oh well. That is what the two 8" ones on my quad are for LOL.

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