2003 yz450 fork seal replacement

I need to relace the fork seals. What type of seal driver and what type of damper rod holder do I need to buy? Im looking on ebay and found lots of seal drivers but I dont know how what size in mm my forks are. Also I need to find a damper rod holder.

Any suggestions? I noticed that the seal was leaking on the one side and yesturday I was doing some jump and the front end had nothing there so I figure it needs more oil I should replace the seals before I go out and buy some.


To simply replace the seals, you don't need to remove the damper cartridges at all.

what type of forks do I have? Are they dual chamber?

How would I go about replacing the dust seal and the oil seal without using a damper rod holder?

'03's were built with 46mm open bath, or single chamber cartridge forks. Your fork cap should have a 19mm hex on top.

  1. First, turn your rebound adjuster on the fork cap all the way IN (clockwise), counting the clicks as you go so that you can repeat the setting after the job is done. Then, back the same adjuster all the way out until it stops.
  2. Unscrew the cap from the top of the fork tube and slide the upper tube down. Push the spring down far enough to slip a 17mm open end on the jam nut below the clamp and separate the cap from the rod. Remove the spring and the rebound push rod and drain the oil.
  3. Pull the dust cover down and use a small screwdriver to disengage the wire ring that holds the seal. Compress the fork part way and then extend it sharply a couple of times. This will drive the seal out of its seat, and the two tubes will separate, all without disturbing the damper cartridge at all.
  4. Assemble in reverse order, filling to the correct level per the manual.

Actually I found a video for a yz250 on you tube. Has the same shock as my bike. I ordered the dust and oil seal kit of ebay for 30 dollers. Hopfully the bushings washers and bumb stops are in good shape.

So your method is so you dont have to remove the bottom allen bolt?

Does anybody know were I can get replacement bump stops incase mine are no good? I searched ebay and dont have any results maybe im not using the right name.

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So your method is so you dont have to remove the bottom allen bolt?

That's right

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