2011 yz450f fork oil change question?

I went to change the oil on my forks yesterday as i have never done this before watched some you tube videos on how to do it. The forks on the 2010 and newer are different so my question is what size is the top of the fork. I looked in my manuel and they sell some specialty tool that is a wrench. I want a socket so i can torque it correctly.

Good luck finding a socket for that. It's a 49mm octagon, same as an '06, as far as I know, and it doesn't need to be precisely torqued. The compression valve assembly takes a 32mm octagonal that you can put a 3/4"/19mm socket onto if you want, but there again, torque isn't critical. The rod holder shown can be made from scrap aluminum.




gray thank you for the help, but of course i have a question. I just want to change the oil i belive i only need to but the top one becuase again i believe when changing the oil i only have the remove the top of the fork?

Nope. The fork has two separate oil volumes, the outer/lower oil, and the inner/upper oil. Both need periodic changing. To do this, the cartridge has to be removed from the fork, opened up, drained, refilled, and bled free of air.

You can buy most anything you need also at Race Tech. +1 on Grays post and MAKE sure to get all of the air out of the cartridge.

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