bigger pilot?

im in the process of dialing in my jetting, and i was told i should richen my pilot if i am leaning my main jet. what do you think?-thanks

That makes no sense whatsoever.

If you want jetting tips, post your bike model and year, conditions (alt. & temp.) and your impression of how it runs now.

my bike is a 2001 yz 426, my altitude is 8000 ft. temp is around 70. the bikes bottom end is not respnsive. when you get on the gas it breaks up. any help is much appreciated. thanks-alex

Sounds like a prime candidate for the BK mod.

Well, so far this is the best it has been.

Pilot: #38 @ 1 1/2 out

Needle: EJR clip #2

Main: #162

Acc. Pump Duration: One full turn out from .3 seconds

I made the last adjustment to the acc. pump on the trail, so I was not able to time it.

I am not the best tester, but I can't tell you how many corners I overshot on yesterdays ride. I have a 30 mile loop out my back door that I do 3-5 times a week, and I know every inch very well. Coming out of several corners I found myself panic braking to make the next turn. The same ammount of throttle for the same ammount of time (as yesterday) resulted in much more acceleration.

Once or twice I wicked it wide open instantly from a very low rpm. This resulted in a pop through the carb, then instant acceleration. That is when I added the extra turn out (more fuel) on the acc. pump. That seems to have cured the pop, but I did not really test it thoroughly.

I feel I still need to do a bit more fine tuning, but now it truly is awsome.

I might want to try the EKR, Where does it end?

Important notes; all testing done at 7-8000ft, '01 yz426 with Big Gun SDS (single,dual,single) pipe. Big gun claims this pipe makes 1 full HP more than thier others at the bottom.


After I made the above post I rode at 2,500-4000ft, with only 1/4 turn out on the pilot screw. Ran like a raped ape. I had 2 others ride it and both commented on how "crisp" the throttle was.


Rick Fuller

'01 yz426

'00 yz426 destroyed by fire in desert race 4/22/01

'81 490 Maico

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