Front brake won't grab

Hi all,

I just bought a used 2006 YZ450F. The brakes never grabbed like I think they're supposed to since I got it. I bled the old fluid and put some fresh in and the lever feels better, but the brake still doesn't grab like I think it should. The lever felt kinda mushy before I changed fluid, I guess how a lever would feel if the line had air or water in it. Now it feels nice and solid. I've been out of riding for the past 10 years and I used to have a YZ125. That sucker had some brakes that would lock the front tire no matter the riding surface (including concrete which could be bad if you know what i mean). Now, the 450 had a fork seal leak when I got it, and I'm thinking that maybe some shock fluid got on the rotor or pads or both, but it seems like that wouldn't affect the brake's performance very long to me, but I'm probably wrong. I was told to check the rotor and pads for glazing, and I'm gonna check that when I get home from work

Any idea what else could be wrong?

Thanks ahead of time for any help!

Install a set of genuine Honda brake pads for an '06 CRF450. Should do it for you.

Thanks grayracer, that did the trick!

At first I thought you were pulling my leg, then I googled something along the lines of crf450 brake pads yz450f and discovered that you weren't pulling my leg lol. Them suckers bite now!!!!!! Stop wheelies FTW!!!!!!!

Is it the same pads for yz400f ?

Not sure. If the pads for the 400 are the same as for the '06 YZ450, then yes, they will work.

:thumbsup: They fit =)

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