XR650R I might need one for Baja

Hey guys I live in Southern Baja in the Winter and I'm having a "little" trouble with my Yamaha WR450F. It runs great when it's running but I just sheared my 4th woodruff key and I'm losing confidence.. I'm thinking maybe an XR650 would be a good bike to take down and leave in Baja for riding there. I will be traveling from Washington all the way down and could stop on the way down to pick up the Honda. I want a good one because parts are hard to come by down there so don't offer any dogs!! You can email me here with a private message if you've got a good bike you want to sell for a fair price.. Big Jim :)

LA Cycle works has new 02 XR650Rs for 5k out the door.

Yep! Thatz a fact! My buddy SoCalDirtDevil just bagged one for that price :):D. Killer Deal!

My heart goes out to ya bro, I've been following your thread on the WR450 forum. Sue the Blue! :D :D

pm sent.

at the end of the day there is no better scoot for baja than an XR650R. apart from more power and better reliability, an XR is much more tolerant of the questionable gas that one is likely to find in mexico.

FWIW - the liquid cooled XRs seem to hold their value pretty well. here in western WA 2000-2001 XRs in good shape commonly go for $3,500+. it may be worth your time to just get a new one (don't forget about the power-up kit.)


How much is the power-up kit and what is in it??? Big Jim

FYI, there are a couple shops in La Paz that carry parts for the bike, and can order pretty much anything. The shop I usually use, the owner makes fairly regular trips to the states and can get anything you need within a couple weeks. It usually costs retail plus about 10 to 15%, so it's not cheap, but it can get you out of a jam.

my bike already has the power up kit installed. Did you get the pm i sent you?

Yeah, I'm hip to motosports in LaPaz, they are pretty good about getting stuff, I'm not totally sold on their mechanics ability, Mexico does something to mechanics even if they are French, they just drop to the Mexican standard of excellence.. Don't get me wrong I love their woprk on some stuff but new technology is hard for them to deal with..Motosports is pretty darn good on XR's. I'm still hopefull I'll have the 450 down there, they ordered a new crank and flywheel and are trying hard to fix it for me..I still might bring down an XR650 though.. Jim :):D

Big Jim, anytime you need anything for your bikes (performance parts) or any gear for you let me know; we ship to La Paz. We also have 2 XR650 fully baja ready for sale. $5500-6000 each. the bikes are last year race bikes with powerup, dry-break, stabilizer, foot pegs, Pipe, excel, rewind stator, precision concepts suspension, bla bla bla bla... each bike has more than $6K in performance parts.

So you know Jose at Motosport too. I let them do some work on my XR600, but I would always have to go and find the things they forgot or the bolts they didn't tighten. Not a big deal, but I don't let them touch my 450. Can't beat the labor prices though; I had two wheels assembled by them (hubs to tires) and it cost me about 30 bucks.

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