My "New" WR400 :)

Losing my job a few years back I went from having both a XR650 and a 525 to a single WR450. Then had to downgrade to a 400-EXC (old, but a brilliant bike), and finally just a very ropey DR350.

The rebuild is posted over in the DR section, but back in work now and it wasn’t really my intention to get another bike but this one seemed too good an opportunity to miss. A 2002 WR400, and been sat in a garage for a good 6 years. My initial hunch turned out to be correct when I popped the seat off after getting the bike home:



Hardly been used!

Now lets look at the DR350’s front wheel again:


And the yam:



Still on its original chain:


Oh, and original front tyre:





Better show the whole thing I suppose:




Runs like new, nothing worn! Its not quite as perfect as the pics suggest, but all the important parts are very sound :thumbsup:

Had to do a few minor repairs as the carb was full of goo making the bike run rough:


Lights front and back not working as all the connections corroded and not very well done:


Steering stem had been over tightened so I checked that:



All good so regreased and reassembled. Made an extension for the fuel/pilot screw:


Just need to change the bars, fit some handguards, and a digital speedo – the one on there read 100mph when I opened it right up!! :thumbsup: It does shift, but not quite that much! :thumbsup:

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Nice find! Its pretty much new =)

Nice bike

nice bike, street legal?

i like that home made mod you did with the fuel screw, good job.

Wow that is a really clean bike for it's age. Nice find man!

Must be a 2000 I'm guessing? Not an 02

Wonder how the front tire got so worn in what looks like a really weird pattern?

98-99 = 400, 00-02 = 426, 03-12 = 450

Yep that's true for the YZ but for WR it's :

98-00 = 400

01-02 = 426

03+ = 450

They waited an extra year to change the WRs to the 426

nice bike, really clean

Ah yes, it seems its a 2000 model, presumably bought in 2002 when it was registered as new.

The front tyre is a result of riding on the road with a soft-ish compound enduro tyre. I don't think the bike has seen any proper off-road, which is not necessarily a good thing, but it does't appear to have been thrashed as such [on road].

Thanks for the comments anyway, and got some questions brewing for later.....

You can see the ccm on the cylinder, else check the frame number and engine number. Iam pretty sure its a 426 by looking at the carb. Some parts may be changed ofcourse, but seems unlikely in this case..

Says 400f on the rear fender, just like they did back in the day!

Lovely bike just like mine ; )

Nice find!!! Maniac

Says 400f on the rear fender, just like they did back in the day!

Ha! Yes defo a 400 and will be interesting to see how it compares to my KTM-400 so will be posting about that at some point...

Yep that's true for the YZ but for WR it's :

98-00 = 400

01-02 = 426

03+ = 450

They waited an extra year to change the WRs to the 426

Except in the UK, Europe and Australia the WR 400 F was still offered as an option up to 2002.

That bike is a 2002 WR 400 F, UK model - as given away partly by the exhaust header, oem tank graphics style and by the model code sticker on the sub frame.

5GSA - 050 (5GSA = WR400F and 050 = UK model).

Looks like a nice clean bike there thedktor, just loose that scotch lock bodge tapping into the yellow wire under your tank, just above the head stay plate - it's just a guillotine for your wiring!

Oh woops I didn't even notice he was in the UK.

The wr400f was only made 98-00 so it must be a 00.

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