aftermarket cam for xr 600(642)

I have a '95 XR 600 bored out to a 642cc with a 10.5:1 compression JE piston. :) I just recently wore out the cam and tappets, so am now looking for a 'better than stock' camshaft. White Brothers has a lot of choices, but I do not know which on I want; an All Around, Power Up cam(WB1652) or an All Around cam(WB1650). The 1652 has .370"intake and .350"exhaust lift with 280 and 278 degrees duration. The 1650 has .348"intake and .354"exhaust lift with 238 and 234 duration. Then they have a Fast Offroad,Track (WB1651) with .380"intake and .370"exhaust lift with 266 and 264 duration. I mostly do fast desert and trail riding. Any suggestions or personal preferences??? Thanks.


I did a considerable amount of research on cams for this machine and fact be known, no aftermarket cam will hold up to the factory manu. cam. go with old faithful HRC cam. It retails for $399.99. I found it at for $240.00, it is the 628 power-up kit cam. believe me your bike will sing like a mazzarati with this cam and some mild port and polishing.

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