Protapers on 11 wr450

What type of pro tapers come on the 11 wrs from factory...Im thinking I need a taller rise, im 6'1" and when standing I think a taller bar might fit me better. thanks

So far my favorite ProTaper bend is the Factory Suzuki/KTM stock. If you look at the chart

you will see that it is a fairly tall bar and it is very straight with very little sweep. I'm only about 5'9" so this may still not be enough. You might also look at the Windham, CR high and the Pastrana FMX if you need to go higher.


that helped a lot.

Pastrana FMX bend is awesome, nice and tall. I'm 6' and added risers as well and it was great for stand up riding........well before I bent them anyway.

which bend is stock?

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