Starcross MH2 front/MS2 Rear vs M12/s12 combo

Anybody run this combo?

I run 50/50 Hardpack/Sand and noticed that some people run the "older" m12F s12R combo. Was wondering if the above combo would make sense.

Thinking goes like this:

MH2 front to stick the front end into hardpack corners over the harder compound MS2 tire. What problems will I encounter with this tire in the sand?

MS2 rear thinking the tire will hook up better in the sand and be good on the hardpack. Maybe chunk because of harder compound? I'm guessing the rear end is gonna want to come around (not as tacky).

Sounds like maybe I'm telling myself to get the MH2 front & rear?

OK, How about a front/rear compound discussion/combo recommendation (by compound).

I'm thinking front tires don't wear as fast (and are cheaper) so maybe I could even go with a softer compound up front (maybe the MH3?).

Anybody try the starcross series and go back to the M12/S12 combo?

Can anybody argue (enlighten) me on the various COMPOUND theory front & rear?

I know some run the 756 up front and a michelin in the back... why? Also the new 742F is available and wondering if anyones gone to that tire for the front.

I know I'm rambling but I've got to buy some tires so I feel like a little more confusion is in order.

I have read that the guys out west love the M12/S12 set up the best. I have run s12 front and back out here in the mid west all year. Just switched to trelleborg because the S12's are still hard to get since late July. I suspect Michelin had manufacturing issues and or demand issues with the S12 140 rears. I hope to get back to them January. :)

Thanks Indy-

I ended up going with the mh2 front and rear because I found them local. May try the harder tire (MS2 rear)next just to see what the difference is.


I run s-12 front and rear. The front seems to be a little vague on hardpack. I beleive its because the nobs are taller than a hardpack tire, and the nobs flex way easier than the stock front bridgestone did.(which was a med. hard)

The s-12 rear seems ok except when you lean it waaay over (especially on hard pack)the rear breaks loose without much warning. It stands up pretty good though. No chunking, no thrown knobs. It will peel or nibble the leading edge of the knobs fairly quickly but other than that ,I have no complaints, especially since the tires are about $50 cheaper each than any other quality comparable tire available around here. :)

I run on hard pack here in KaliPhonua

I run an MH2 on the back with a dunlop 756 in the front. The main area I ride is real sanding up in the upper hills , but turns into cement below. The bike worls great in both areas, "NOW THAT SPUTTER" helped me with some suspension changes.

I have mixed feelings on the MH2 though. Seems the 756 front rear worked much better. I was thinking going to s12 or the perrilli's next

I have been running the S12 front and M12 rear and have found it to be great for our extremly varied riding. My problem is I like to start an enduro with a new or very slightly used tire and am buying a new rear tire every 6-8 weeks. The michelins m12 rear wear pretty fast (s12 even faster). I have been looking at the Maxxis Maxx Cross IT. Anyone have any experience with this tire. Also Michelin says a Product of France right on the tire. Tim

I ran the maxxis all summer and IMO it was an excellent tire and I will buy another. Right now I have an s-12 that was a gift so I put it on. I have only a coulple rides on it so not a great comparison yet. The maxxis provided good traction for 500-800 trail miles and seemed more stable on the hard stuff and just as good in the soft.

For Colorado riding, which is anything from rocks to sandy, I really liked the Michelin Enduro Comp III for the front. It lasted a very long time. Tread pattern-wise it is itentical to the M-12, but it sounds like it holds up better. The CompIII is DOT legal, and more expensive than the M12, but I'd get another. Maybe its harder rubber? Right now I've got a D739 up front and I have to be more careful of washing out in the corners with it. I like the looks of the Dunlop 755, but have not tried one yet. Does anyone else have comments on the 755 for the front?

I'm going the the Maxx Cross IT on the rear as soon as I get time to change it.

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