Another Problem with yz450 . coolant leaking from the hole =)

Hello. =)

Here is my last post that I already had fixed.

I changed CAM Chain, Sliders, Piston + Rings

Everything was fine! But now my coolant leaking from that hole


And even if I stop my engine, coolant leaking about 5 min long. It will stop if I open cap.

For 3-5 min I have amount of coolant that follows:



What did I do wrong? Because before I changed piston, everything was fine.

I hope you will be able to help me. ) thx

Hi mate that hole is the tell tale hole, to tell you that your impellor seal needs to be replaced on your water pump, easy fix.

Your local dealer should have one in stock and just check the condition of the shaft for corrosion or any deep grooves before she goes back in.

From memory i think you have to drop oil, pull side cover off and actually get to it from the inside of the case, take impellor off shaft, i wouldn't recomend trying to change it from the outside without inspecting the bearing and shaft ect, but thats what my bro did on his, and it has stopped the leak...other might have too.

I reused the gaskets take care when removing.

Cheers, Chris.

Edited by Chris Windolf

Thanks guys! Thanks Chris! Unfortunately we do not have ANY dealers in Russia at all =))

I hate it that!

However, every part that I need to replace I need to order from eBay, and thats very long process - 40 days. =(

So I will try to do it your way, thx man! )

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