Xr600 question, I know many of you would know this.

Many of us had no choice, before the wr400 there was of course the Xr600, I only keep it for a buddy bike and dual sport, so dont worry I havent gone to the other side. BUT can anyone tell me how high to run the forks in the clamps. I have it set at 5mm and it still turns horribly, front end doesnt feel planted, wants to wash out. I have the SRC fork brace, and their instructions cautioned about bottoming to hard and pushing the fork brace into the wheel and causing catastrophic injuries to your face. And therefore not to put the fork up any higher than the five mils, and yes I have cut out the sides on the front fender. Thank you.

My first questions would be, is the front tire suited for the terrain your running on, hard pack or soft? Air pressure in the tire, 13-15 lbs. The forks do make a differance, but allways look at all of the pertaining parameters involved. Just a suggestion.

Thats the boggling thing the suspension set up can make a big difference too.

But yes I have a fresh 739 on it and the suspension in the rear is set to stock/clymer manual setting (preload). I seem to get better input with the compression in the rear cranked up, most likely putting for pressure on the front.

The bike also has a non stock rear spring and I have no idea what it is, although it seems to be ok for my weight.

The easiest thing to solve the problem was buy the WR, but my buddy rides it and reports what I remember that the front end was scary on gravel roads.

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