Mobil 1 tri-synthetic oil

I've been useing the green label mobil one for about a year but it's not synthetic. The red label is a fully synthetic oil though. I just don't want to cause more harm than good by changing. I was mostly woried about clutch slipage,i have a hinson clutch with no problems yet.

I know you have to be careful with what kind of oil you use because of the detergents. These bikes are wet clutch so you have to use the right kind of oil or you may do some damage to it. I personally use the castrol Act-evo 4t since it is made for 4 stroke motors and designed for wet clutch. I also use there R4 for my street bike. I just changed my oil this weekend, and I had several rides. I was surprised that the oil still had a clear look to it, wasn't dark at all.

Any one ever use or know what will happen if used mobil 1 synthetic 15/50 oil. Just wondering before my next oil change.

Do a search for it and you find NUMEROUS debates on which oil to run. From what I know if you're going to run Mobile One sythetics ONLY USE 15/50 and no other weight because of the additives. I've been using the Mobile 1 15/50 for probably the past 6 months worth of riding with no problems at all. I do change the oil religously though.




"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

About the mobile 1 oil lable (lid?) color.

The 15/50 synthetic I believe has a red lid, but other fully synthetic weights have different color lids. For example I believe the 5-30 is blue, etc..

The condition of an engine oil cannot be judged by the colour. This is an inaccurate indication. Buy a new diesel truck and change the oil. Drive for 20kms and check the oil. Black on the dipstick. Is this oil ready to be changed again? No, because there are many factors that contribute to the appearance of an oil. The most relevant to us is the jetting of the bike in question. Running too rich will cause the oil to darken quicker because the natural blow by of the exhaust gas on the power stroke will be more enriched with carbon.

Use Mobil 1 because it is one of the best oils around and is a true synthetic (to my knowlage). Would stay away from the automotive type oil and use a bike specific Mobil 1 like 4T 15W50. There is no harm in using a full synthetic in your wet clutch equipped bike. Thats a nasty rumor.

Castrol lowered the standard that all synthetic oils are judged on. Their full synthetic isn't really a 100% synthetic oil. The base stock is synthetic but the additives are mineral based, meaning your'e paying for an inferior product compared to a true synthetic. I would avoid using Castrol.

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