09 yz450 too easy to kick over

My 09 just started kicking over way too easy. (in my opinion) is this just a decompression variance or is something wrong? it still starts fine and runs fine and i feel no loss of power. any help is appreciated so i do not grenade my bike. thanks

Could be carbon on the valve stems. Check the valve clearance to be sure one isn't to tight. Also check the cam timing.

My 09 has done this before. I will be kicking it and all the sudden its like my decompression is on steroids. It is kind of nice, very easy to kick over and actually started that way once. I always wondered if this is how the decompression is supposed to be all the time or if something was wrong at that time. It does that less than 1% of the time.

It's nothing related to the decomp mechanism. That either works or doesn't, and it's so simple it basically never doesn't work.

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