2012 EFI map question

Are the maps for a 2012 the same as the 10,11


I don't understand how they are the same. Your starting from a different base setup.

Just asking

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The 2012 has a different stock map compared to 2010,2011


No. Not exactly. They can all be used, but....

All 3 years of EFI YZ450's have slightly different base maps. When you plug the tuner into any of them in their as-delivered state, they will all come up zeros on the screen, but that misses the point that they do vary from one to another. This means that if you do something like go +1 across the board on a 2012 and a 2010 or '11, they'll actually be mapped differently from each other by the amount that the base maps vary in each cell.

I know Yamaha states that each step on the fuel map is a 3% change, does anyone know what that relates to? Is 3% a half jet size a full jet size? Just curious since coming from 2-strokes...

As a reference, a #168 Keihin main jet is about a 3.6% increase over a 165.

Good to know, thank you!

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