Might get a WR

Hi folks. Long time rider of dirt bikes and quads but I'm thiking of getting a WR450F or something similar and making it look like a motard style bike. I love the look and want something other then my truck for a daily commuter. Currently looking at a 03 WR 450 thats all stock..

So all I'm really wanting to do it put motard style wheels/tires and plastics on it basically. I'm not going to be racing it or anything.I just love that look.

Are there any mods that I have to do to put the street motard wheels on it?

Also are there anything I should know about that year of WR before I buy?

Thanks for your time and knowlege. Happy riding.

gear it really tall and make sure you get a CUSH HUB. RAD makes a good one, I have it on my bike.

Will the stock brakes work/fit on the supermoto wheels? I know ill want to upgrade when I can but will the stock ones work to start out with?

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