Grips for big hands

Now, as a big guy, with big hands I would prefer to hold onto thicker grips (helps stop my pinkies from blistering on a long enduro). Does anyone know of a supplier who does this, or am I going to have to wrap my originals up with rubber car mats and tie wraps?

I use street bike grips. They seem to be a lot wider, and a little thicker. The "thumb guard" is also smaller, helps me avoid that blister on the bottom thumb knuckle.

Robert :)


Get a roll of double sided masking tape. Wrap the bar to build it up, splash Mineral Spirits in the grip and on the tape, slip it on, and you have oversize grips that won't move. This is how golf grips are installed and oversized.

Let them sit for 10 min. and your good to go.

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