pro circuit

i have a 2003 Yz450f with a pro circuit t-4 full system on it. I love the exhaust but i want to get a cone style end cap for it instead of the ugly one it has on it now. Does anyone know if its possible to get one for it? Or does anyone have one on their bike they could post a picture of? also is it quieter than the one it has now? I dont really caer if its louder or quieter as long as it sounds good. any help or pictures would be appreciated. Thanks They have everything you could ever want, plus add some exhaust decals to freshen up the look!


Also is the pro circuit t4 made to run with just the end cap or with both the end cap and insert? Is the insert just a quiet core?

Yeah, that's essentially all that an insert is, to minimize decibels for people who don't like loud thumpers. You can run a t-4 with or without one, I personally don't, but I did buy a spark arrestor for it.

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