How it went at Sarival (part duex)

Yup, HOT is pretty much the word for it!

I had a pretty good day, 1st in the 250's, 3rd in open. Not a lot of bikes in either race though so...

Nearly got beat by a girl too! #6 was piloted by a 17 year old girl and she sure could ride. First moto in open and I get a good start and keep the two pro's in sight for about 5 seconds. OK, third is cool. another lap and I hear the rinnnng-rinnnng of a 125 hot on my tail. I look and uh-oh #6 and she is all over me. Sticking a wheel in wherever she could. I hold her of for a couple of laps and then she triples out of the rhythm section and puts a good pass on me. I get it back by stealing the inside line in the next set of turns. Two turns later and she gets me again. By this time I am just too tired and let her go hoping for a chance to get it back. Showed her a wheel a couple of times but she wont give it up. Sure enough, she beats me to the checkered.

Second moto of open I get a great start and she gets caught behind a cr500af (I think a son of an AZOTMX'er?) and it takes her a lap or two to get by. I keep the pros in sight for 7 seconds (yahoo!) and manage to get a lead on #6. She went down in the whoops a couple of laps later so I had an easy ride into third but my manhood was hanging in the balance for a while. :) I spoke with her and she was very cool for a 17yo. (I can say that because she did'nt beat me)

Paul was lookin good right up until he ate dirt! The rythym section can be rather intimidating until you get the feel for it because you hit it at a pretty good clip and you know if you go down it wont be pretty. Well I just hope Paul wasn't following my advice (just pin it :D ) but in the second moto he got a great start and was solidly in the lead by the rythym's. Funny how you sometimes feel like MC when you are leading the pack... Right up until you are face down in the mud...

Paul, how is it? I broke a wrist a year and a half ago and although its not the end of the world it sure seems like it somedays.

Nice to meet those of you that I did in the AZOTMX, hope to meet the rest of you soon.

What did everyone think of the track?

Dave S

Great ride Dave! :D That chick was fast! I'm glad she'll never be in my class! :)

Damn, I hate to see my friends crash, its always hard to come back after one and at our age we don't heal up quite as fast.

Was good to meet you, I think it'll be cool to get all the Az TTer's together for a ride someday.


'00 YZ426F


Yea, I feel bad for Paul. I think I mentioned I was out for the better part of a year after an eerily similar accident...

Couldnt tell if it was broke or not but the it just 'felt broke'. Turned out to be radius/unla/scaphoid combo break. 7-8 weeks in pins and 3-4 months of hard therapy then a couple of more months of thinking about it before I just had to go ride again.

Paul, you will be much happier looking back on this than I am sure you feel right now looking forward at it. Keep your spirits up, after all it could'a been worse.

Dave S

This is starting to bring back memories...

Waking up with your throat feeling like hamburger from the breathing tube... Looking at the giant ball of gauze and bandages that used to be your hand... Trying to remember what you are doing in this room with all these people walking around ignoring you... Remembering why you are in this room... 24 hours of not being able to piss... 48 hours without taking a dump... 72 hours without a clear thought... 1 week of agonizing over what things look like under the bandages... 3 weeks without sleeping more than 2 hours at a time... 6 weeks of just getting through the day so this can all finally be over... 2 more weeks waiting for the doctor to have time to pull the pins with his busy schedule... another freakin week to see under the bandages again... 3 months of torture, I mean therapy... 3 months of thinking there is no way I am getting on a bike again... 3 months thinking maybe... 2.5 minutes to decide to buy the new 426 I am looking at in someones garage! WooHoo lets go ride!

Oh yeah, dont forget the 2 months of 'How'd ya do that?' 'Dont you know that those things are dangerous!?!' but then theres the occasional 'Really? you race motocross?' from some cute blonde cashier at Taco Bell that makes it just a *little* easier to get to the end of it.

I hope everything goes well for you, follow the doctors advice, avoid pin infection, work till you cry in therapy and you'll be looking back on it before you know it.

Good luck Paul. Let us know how you are doing.

Dave S

Thanks for the encouragement Dave! I have been going through major emotional swings since this happened and will just let it play itself out with time. Sounds like I basically have the same breaks that you did, hopefully I heal as well as you did also. I am heading to the hospital in a few hours for surgery, wish me luck and ride with care!!!

Good Luck Paul,

We will be thinking of you!

Yea I can imagine you are having some up's and downs, but if you don't get back on the horse that spit you off, you will regret it later on in life.

Nothing gives me the exhilaration or satisfaction of having a good ride. Maybe when you come back you should concentrate on riding more vs. racing. It seems you might be getting a lil too amped up racing, and that is when you crash. If you come back and take it easy for a while, that might work out better for you in the long run.

Good Luck Bud,


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