2002 wr 426 sputter

Hi everyone, I have a 2002 wr 426 that has always ran good. however, due to children i have let it set in the garage with old gas for approx. 1.5 yrs. I put new gas, plug, cleaned filter and squirted carb cleaner in the float bowl. The problem i have is that it really hard to start and when it does start, it backfires like crazy. I rode it and opened it up for like 8 mi. but it still does the same thing, backfiring and wont idle. When it is warmed up it will only start with the hot start and the choke on. In the past, it always started without the hot start and choke when it was warmed up. Any advise on what i should do to make it run again?

oops wrong topic

Sounds like your jets are dirty. old gas will do that. You can clean (pain in the rear) them but I would just get new ones. There cheap.

Nowhere near as cheap as cleaning them. What's so hard about it?

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