yz fuel tank and seat on a 2000 wr400

i bought a 2000 wr400 and the bike looks brand new it has less than 10 hours on the bike. the owner put heavy duty spokes, renthal bars and a fmf pipe with power bomb.other than the flat spot which i am going to try to install an 2008 crf450r 41 mm carb on the bike i would like to change the seat and fuel tank it is just ugly.does anyone know what years will interchange from the yz400/450 i think it would look better i know the yz has a smaller tank but i do not need the bigger fuel tank,

Use a stock YZ 400/426 seat & tank and you will be set. This was a very popular upgrade for these bikes. It still won't look quite as modern as a new 450 but it is close. Do a search for this topic and you will find more info than you can read.

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