Who has there 2004 wr450 ????


I do.

I'm wondering which of the pearls of wisdom found here also apply to the 2004. :)


So how about you lucky guys with 04's posting a ride report?

Went on a 36 mile jaunt yesterday. Only mod is the GYT insert. The carb needs major adjusting. Hard to start, excessive popping on deceleration. excessive bog. Didn't have this problem with the 03 out of the box..... of course 2 woodruf keys later turned it in for 04.

wound up getting back to my car 1 hour after dark, headlight shines about 40 feet in front of the bike (dark right in front)... this isn't good in the tight stuff. will adjust. my e starter switch popped off (now i kick). Other than that, pretty similar to the 03.

PDB Blue posted that his WR ran "great" and the jetting was spot on... He said the 04's come with a 165 main. Well... let's hear some other reports. So far we have one positive and one negative.

then again, i don't know squat about carbs.... buti can't imagine it's supposed to run this way.

Jetting doesn't seem bad to me. I had a little lean surging and decelleration popping, but a half-turn of the pilot screw seems to have cleared it right up.

I'm not sure about the suspension, either. It's just so different from my CR500 with Gold Valves and the works.

I've now got the Renthal bar and rally guards on and hope to rip a little this weekend.


"hoping to rip a little this weekend"...

You guys are KILLING me. :D I'm staring out my window watching it snow like a SOB. :) The only thing I will be ripping is the pull starter rope on my snow thrower.

I'm already missing summer... :D

my e starter switch popped off (now i kick).


yamaha start and kill butons SUCK and bust really easly. but if the starter one pooches out you can use the kill as a start if you swap the wires.

first thing i do to my wr is put klx starter and kill on it. and lights,plate,skid plate, bustrs, gearing, and a few other things. SM wheels and rotor for summer. and.............ahhhh i cant wait any longer. i want my 04 NOW :D:):D :D :D :D

It's around 80 here in Dallas...Now if the WR's would only arrive so we can use this awesome weather...Does anyone in the DFW area have theirs yet?


check your owner's manual to see if the '04 has the gray wire. go to the wiring diagram. if it's like the '03, there will be three wires illustrated coming off of the cdi. one to the neutral switch, one to a ground, and the other will be the gray one. it appears to connect to the wire going to the ground. if the '04 is the same, take some time and find it. it's a pain to get to but there will be a nice increase in mid range and up. be sure to tape it. hunting and skinning!

got mine, fmf ti power bomb(sx) w/Q, devol rad gaurds, pro-tapers, cycra hand gaurds, msr skid plate+ usual free-be mods

Anyone else received their 04' yet, or are you still in limbo like myself?

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