Cheap stator... rectifier/regulator... AC/DC ?

Greetings! A couple of weeks ago I was searching for a good dual sport bike I ran across a really good deal on a super clean and well maintained '99 YZ400F. The seller was the original owner with the original title, so I figured I could convert it, spend a lot less than I was planning on, and have a much better bike in the end. I spent a few hours reading different posts on the subject and decided to pick it up. Great bike, and I cannot wait to get it on the road!

I found lights, speedo, controls, flasher, etc., on ebay and ordered everything the first night. I couldn't find the coveted WR426 flywheel and stator setup used, and after pricing it at over $400 at several dealers I decided that I'd I chance it with an ebay special 35watt stator - a Niche 1349. I picked up a really nice Ballistic lithium-ion battery to power the lights while the headlight is on, and figured I'd just wire it so I could turn the headlight off to charge the battery. I ordered what was supposed to be a regulator/rectifier with the stator, but it came with no paperwork and the seller isn't sure if it's just an AC or DC regulator or a rectifier or both.

The regulator/rectifier they sent is a two wire setup, one black and one yellow, and the black has a lug so I would assume it's a ground. The stator has two yellow wires. I found that if I ground one yellow wire, the other puts out around 11VAC at idle, and up to 30VAC revved a little. If I twist them together, as the seller suggested, I get nothing - no AC or DC. He also suggested that I ground the black wire on the regulator/rectifier and twist the two yellow wires from the stator together with the yellow wire from the regulator/rectifier and that would be my power lead. Wrong again.

A friend of mine had an old regulator/rectifier from an early 90's Suzuki LT250 4x4 that had 3 yellow wires, a black and a red. I figured that the leads from the two stator coils would connect to two of the yellow wires, and the black and red had to be my 12 volts DC. The Suzuki obviously had a higher output stator with three coils, so I'm not sure what to do with the third yellow wire, but I do get around 5 volts DC at idle and around 10 midway through a rev, but it drops back off to around 5 at constant speed.

So... My questions are:

What did they send me with the stator? How should it be wired if it's a rectifier/regulator?

Is the regulator/rectifier from the Suzuki not working correctly because there's nothing connected where that third coil should be?

And finally, should I just give up and charge the battery manually until I find a WR stator and flywheel, and what kind of rectifier/regulator would be needed for that setup?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

It's possible the thrid wire was for a 3 phase stator. Yours is a 2. Trail Tech makes an inexpensive reg/ret.

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