Oil Change Frequency?

How often should we change the oil? I put an HR meter on my bike since that is a more accurate way to gauge oil changes, but the manual goes by mileage (1000KM).

I run Valvoline Racing Synthetic 10-30w winter 20-50w summer. Or sometimes Mobil 1 synthetic 15-50w

How often do you change the oil? and don't say every few rides.. sometimes I ride for 1/2hr or up to 8hrs, with such varied terrain. If I were to use mileage to change my oil I would be ALL over the place. 40mi of hard singletrack around here is 8hr or HARD use with lots of clutch. But then I can cruise 40mi on slab/log road in an hour with just a few pulls on the clutch.



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900 km here

I mainly trail ride so I change mine every 10 to 15 hrs. I use Yamalube.

I only use the wr for single track trail riding. I change the oil every at less than 10 hours and usually around 100miles on the odo. I also change the oil filer every other oil change. Normally I use semi synthetic yamalube. Not a science just the way I do it. Never had an issue other than the cost seems to keep going up :thumbsup: .

Order yourself some oil analysis kits from a lab such as Blackstone. Do at least six samples over time to establish useful trends. Start with what you think are reasonable oil change intervals and check the results. Share the results ( after establishing a trend ) with the rest of us.

I discovered I would be best served using Walmart brand 15w40 diesel oil if I change it every 500 miles and change the oil filter once every 6 or seven months. My bike is an air cooled 650cc. The biggest issue with oil in my bike is viscosity break-down. The 500 mile change interval avoids that issue. The oil is cheap to dump and replace. :thumbsup:

I've had good luck with every 3rd trail ride or every other race.

5-15 hours depending on load (clutch use) and dust level.

I have a dry erase board in the garage to keep track of rides/hours/changes.

Hour meters don't stay on my bikes for some reason. They fall apart and disentigrate...

every 10-12hrs for me

bike is raced in H&H type events which equates to every 4 / 5 events

3500 race miles with no issues

filter every other oil change

motul 300V 15w-50

Ok thanks, Ill go with 10hr intervals and have them analyzed.

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