2000 YZ Seat For Sale

I just got an SDG and do not need the stocker. $50.00 obo.

Originally posted by benny_d:

I just got an SDG and do not need the stocker. $50.00 obo.

Do you still have the seat? I was wondering if it is any lower than the the stock 2001? Is the seat complete and ready to bolt on or does it need a new cover? Thanks.

Paul P

I have sold the seat already. The cover is in excellent shape. I sold it to JKC and he is just going to take it off. You may be able to purchase it from him.

I am thinking of the SDG seat, is it any softer than stock? How is the quality?

I do not know if it is any softer than stock. It did not really jump out at me if it was. The feel is great. I think it would be impossible to slip off. The quality seems to be really good. I am not at all sorry about the purchase.

Thanks, thats what I am going to get to go with my IMS tank. The seat was quoted $160 for the yamaha stock seat.

I have two 100 mile + rides in on my SDG seat so far. I think it is about the same hardness as a stock seat (not too good for long off road/dual sport rides, but great for mx. I like the gripper cover real well, but will eventually go with guts racing or factory effects softer foam.


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