Suspension Oil '01'


I ordered 2 bottles of the yamaha Suspension Oil "01" for the forks from my local store and to my surprise it was $22/ea!! Holy smokes!! Does anyone know of a place where I can get it cheaper?

Also how many of you use the yamaha oil "01" and how many of you use something else?

I use Bel-Ray, it's about one-third of the price you just mentioned!


Autozone has Mobil 1 ATF for under $8 a quart.

sometimes you have to pay for the best and other times you don't! :)

Bel Ray makes a high quality synthetic for about 1/3 the price. "01" translates to 5 weight oil, just in case you were wondering. Set the oil height to the correct level for your riding style and body weight. Stock is 130 mm from the top. I am at 100mm (195 lbs). Do this with the forks fully compressed and the spring out.


Sir Thump,

You can get the KYB O1 fluid from Enzo Racing. I think it's about $15 a quart.


try silkolene. It's pretty inexpensive and is claimed to be the same visc as 01.

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