can this head be salvaged?

I havent measured head warpage but i noticed this when i flipped the head over. the seats appear beat up pretty bad, but if its worth saving its cheaper than buying a new head. it appears to be a chunk missing from right around the edge of the valve seat. I am wondering if a good head shop can fix this and install new seats. if so anyone got a good recommendation on a shop that can do this? the seats in the head are aftermarket, any reason why they are beat up so bad?

the chunk missing that im talking about is the top side of the lower seat.


Looks overheated. Seriously so.

Looks overheated. Seriously so.

yeah thats what im starting to think. do you think i should just throw it away? the warpage is out of spec too.

also what do you think caused it to overheat this severly?

Lack of coolant. You should have an experienced machinist look at it first hand.

no one local worth a crap, do you know anything about fastheads?? or pro quad?

These guys are in Wisconsin. Not too far away, and they do good work, so far as I know.

Gray thanks youre a big help as always!!

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