I just cant seem to get it right. It rips on top. It rips good throughout the entire range but still backfires on decel. THe fuel screw is turned out almost 4 turns. It takes a while to start cold now too and is backfiring when I try and start it. Does anyone have any ideas? Setting are in my sig except for fuel screw, which is turned out more. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, D :D:):D :D

Try a 48 pilot jet. and try position #5 on the needle clip and move up to a 72 starter jet for cold conditions :)

When everything is correct, there WILL be a little popping on is normal; throttle closed means high vacuum and rich mix exiting the exhaust system. When it hits open air the unburnt fuel burns.....

Try the blue marked needle in the 3rd clip position. It will richen 0-1/4 throttle only and will not need the fuel screw turned out as far.


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