Hey guys my bike has 4 led indicators on it and they flash fast (nearly solid) now i have been told to buy a LED flasher can/relay.

what i want to know is what is the wiring configuration????

as i found one that is

31 = Earth

49 = Power In

49a = Power Out to indicators


Yes this is because your relay flashes about 60 - 80 times per minute, with a load of 42watt.

Now you load the relay with about 3 watt, and it flashes real fast.

You need to buy a new led turnrelay that dosent flash different depending of current load, I bought one in my local autodealershop for 60kr witch is about 10 dollars.

The connection is the same as you have shown.

There is two kinds of relays, one called european and one japanese.

the european is working with "plus" to the turnsignal, and the japanese with "ground" to the turnsignal.

I used the "plus" version to my wr426fn 2001

Hope this helps

Regards Carsten

Or perhaps it's called different in australia, than european and japanese.

Just beware of the plus and minus versions, it depents of what you have in the other end of the turnsignal, if you have "ground" you shall have the plus version.


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