Trying to idenify my bike

I have bought a Yz426f 2 days ago but i dont kno what year it is can anyone help me ? .. and also my frame number is only 11 digits long so i cant check it on any of the yamaha sites .. Also i am having a problem with me gear shifter as it keeps on coming loose .. it is an aftermarket part and if the selector shaft is worn is there any cheap ways of keeping it in tight without spliting the casing ?


i doubt the shaft is worn, but if it is i dont think you have to split the cases to remove it, when you bolt the shifter to the shaft does it bottom out and cant get tighter? remove some materal on the shifter with a cutoff wheel


alright dave thanks and took the gear selector off so i jus had to get a new selector and do u have any ideas on how to identify the year of the bike ?

na im not to familar with the 11 digit number

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