ping NH_Kevin

Kevin, I never saw a full report of how your mods and build up went?

Are you pleased with the 420 kit and the EDCO headwork?

What exactly did you do to your bike?

Sorry it took me so long to ask, Bill :)

Bill, the difference was substantial, in a very good way!

MAJOR boost in bottom end!!! :D :D

2 issues:

MAJOR-MAJOR exhaust leak. Not sure if it is @ the header/tailpiece or at the cylinder/header.

>> I have NEVER had a leak free fit w/ the FMF Power Bomb and Stroker SX-1 silencer.

Now, if I am not on the gas, my bike backfires CONSTANTLY. This lets the ENTIRE audience know when I say, "I NEVER let off the throttle"...that I am full of crap! :D

That OEM lead wrap/gasket thingy that fits between the header and tail piece is ~$20.00. I have gone through three of them so far. This next time IS the last time.

I am purchasing a used White Bros silencer that I have been reassured works GREAT (i.e. NO LEAKS) w/ the stock WR header. I DO plan on using the FMF PB.

Second BRUTAL issue: to make a long, convoluted story short, I had absolute reason to believe when I fired off my bike the first time AFTER the head was repaired, I actually DID have oil in the engine.

I didn't! :D:):D :D :D :D :D

I DID have irrefutable evidence I was OK on oil, or at least I thought so...

The bike locked up, but DID break free. After a COMPLETE top end teardown, my brand new cams were damaged, along w/ the JUST REPAIRED (and paid for!) head.

Come snow, the bike will be torn down AGAIN (gotta love it), and all exhaust/engine/bearings serviced.

My YZF450 cam will be installed as well.

Also my new Bob Hannah plastic will go on. Still need to purchase a Yellow, stock YZF capacity Clarke tank though.

Well, it was a crappy year for riding anyway. Glad I didn't waste it on a bike that had NO issues! :D

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