Help me mod my bike

Ok I have a 2011 YZ450F that is a year old now with 4 or 5 hours on it. I would like you guys help in modding the bike just not in the power department as of yet. I want to hold off on performance parts until I put more hours on the bike and get comfortable. I'm looking for you guys help on durable accessories like skid plates, decals, rotor covers, etc. What are the parts that you think I can add to enhance or protect parts on the dirtbike becuase there are so many to choose from I'm confused

Thank you guys

What type of riding are you doing? Track or Trail?

For me, trail riding, I consider these a must:

Bark Busters

Rad Guards/braces (Unabiker)

Skid plate (Scorpion)

I'd start with those.

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