450 Nipped up

Hi guys, hope someone can help or advise me!

I have just been up to my local practise track today and 09 yz450 ran fine in first session then in the 2nd it felt like it was struggling to rev up, as I braked into a corner it stalled I thought it was fuel issue managed to restart but not for long, pushed it back to van and it was very very difficult to even turn engine over with kickstart I didn't want do any more damage so packed up and came home when I have washed and drained fuel I tried to turn engine over and it seems to turn more freely but still not right, do you think mains or big end bearings? Its my first 4st I can't believe I only just got and I chopped 06 250 2st in for it!!


sounds like the rod bearing is bad. when its hot it can lock up but when it cools down it feels alittle more normal. happend to my buddies 09, none the less you have to strip the top end off and feel for your self. any kind of hesation or binding in the bearing the crank needs to be replaced

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