YZ450 Cam in WR400

Has anyone here installed the YZ450 Cam in their WR400? I have tried to search for this but came up blank. I have seen a lot of people installint them in their 450's and a couple 426's but no 400's. My local dealer said that they are too different and will not work. Is this true? or is there someone here who as actually tried this combination. Please let me know. I have also searched the YZ forum for this and have come up with the same thing, no 400's.

In the YZ forum there is a thread at the top of page 1 with 519 replys talking about the cam swap. My understanding is it will work in the 400's and the dealers are instructed to say it won't work. There's a ton of good reading over there on the issue.

i work at a yami dealer. the 03 tech updat book says it WILL NOT WORK. but i have never tried.

I've had one in my 99wr400 for about 6 months with no probs!

There are a few with the mod on the 400's, do it you will love it, i've had mine in for over 10 months, 3,000 K's now with NO visable wear, just make sure you have the Cam Mod pdf to line up the cam because the 450 cam timing marks don't actually line up with anything on the 400/426.


Here is a link to the documentation on how to do it

450 Cam Mod :)

:cool:I've had one in my 99 400 for a few months. GREAT.... :):D :D

No problems noted. Makes it a new bike without the $6000 price tag. Also did the James Dean jetting at the same time. Do it and you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. I did :D

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