after my rebuild

everything running great but wont start when very hot leave for 2 minutes bang away you go untill tonite bike cut out a nd would not start whatsoever ive chkd and theres no spark to the plug any ideas pls could it have been the coil slowly getting worn etc etc all wires look fine

wr 426 99/////// 2000 ish

FYI there was no '99 or '00 WR 426, they were '01 & '02 only. Now back to your problem. Try a new plug, I had a similar issue with my 426 and started there before getting into coils, stators etc. Oh and try using a little punctuation, I think you will get more answers from TT'rs when they can understand the question. Good luck!

tried a new plug,, no spark if i run a meter to the coil spade and earth, what reading could i expect please if the stator is working.

i did these tests today pls bear with me spelling etc

ignition system primary coil resistance allowance is 0.20 to 0.30 ohms

my reading0.4 which will translate to 0.40 this is ok i think

secondary coil resistance ,,allowance is 9.5 to 14.3

mine was 10.9 this is ok

cdi magneto inspection pick up coil resistance allowancw is 248 to 372 ohms

mine was 275, again this is ok

ignition system source coil resistance allowance is 640 to 960

mine was 766 again this is ok

source coil 2 resistance allowance 464 to 696 ohms

mine was 555 again ok

disconected the black white wire from cdi unit to remove both neautral and kill switch but still theres no spark,,theres always ben a black wire not connected and when i connect the black white from cdi to switches wire i get 1 spark

any clues pls

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