New to forum. Pls Hlp for kickstart pedal buzz

Hi guys , nice to find a well informed forum out here!. I was hoping that someone could answer a question I have for my 95 xr600?

In the kickstat mechanism there is a "kickstart return spring" This was problem No1:

- Hook on spring that hooks into the casing broke off inside engine. This was not letting the kickstarter return to its normal position. :)

FIX: pull out the kickstart mechanism and pull off the spring. Heat up the remaining peice of the spring and form a new hook. Reasemble the mechanism, hook spring back in casing and place back in motor.

Problem No2:

When I try to kick the beast over I get a bit of return from the kickstart but when the engine is at idle I get this AWFULL buzzing noise from the kickstart shaft. Ther is a rachet mechanism behind the spring that does not seem to be disengaging properly....I am now at wits end. i have had the right hand cover off 4 times... PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN..



Well you do know that if you hold the kickstarter down after the engine starts, it will "buzz". That's the rachet mechanism in there. I would advise against keeping the lever down after the engine starts. Also, it's not a great idea to "rig" a broken return spring. Just get a new spring.

Every bike I've ever owned will "buzz" if you hold the starter down after the engine fires up. That's normal.

P.S. You're "rigged" return spring is too weak to prevent the ratchet device from disengaging properly. Get a new spring. Either that, or there's a possibility that the ratchet device itself is faulty and does pull the ratchet cog off of the starter gear. Either way, pull that cover again and check it out!

thanks for the reply.. I know what your saying about getting a new spring, I most likley will. You might be interested to know that the kickstarter is in the "up" or returned position and it still get the buzz. In fact i get the buzz no matter what position the kickstarter is in.

When you say the spring is weak to you mean the metal has been compromised or do you think the sring return tension has weakened? I would have thought it would have tentioned even more as it is now a little shorter.

When you look at the mechanism, it looks as though the spring around the shaft pushes the teeth together against the rachet so it wont slip. If so how does it disengage??? Is it centrifical?



ok...ok I found the cost of the spring, its about 10 bucks... I will do it this weekend. Is there and special trick on getting the tension back to the kicker? Do i have to coil it up or just whack it in there and rely on the downward motion of the pedal? It seems the latter would not generate enough tension.



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