Ignition system questions

At the risk of embarassing myself, can any one tell me if my WR 450f ( 2003) has to have a battery to start and run properly? I bought the bike used without a battery. I have ridden the bike at least 25 hours with out one and then I suddenly had no spark after it sat for a month. I had thought my cdi was bad but it would not run with a new one installed. Now for the first time I put a battery in and it fires up fine. In fact the bike has more punch than ever.

I also appear to have a major short. I get a full 12 v when I connect between the battery negative and the main ground wire with a meter without the bike running. I also have continuity between naerly any hot wire and black wires( and the frame). Let me say, the bike does not have a main on off switch, only a tethered kill switch and a push button kll switch. Do I need a main switch to cut the ower from the battery? The regulator is kicking back around 13.5 to the battery so that is not the issue. My stock head and tail light work fine when the bike is running, so that tells me the charging lighting coil is fine. The charging coil(stator) must be operating for the bike to run so well and it test good for specified resistance. Do I risk damaging anything if I use the bike?

Some one heeelllpppp!!

Are you saying that it ran without a battery installed, or was it an old dead battery installed?

It seems like something grounded out and your bike would not start. Perhaps that "something" was fixed when you replaced the battery, although you did not realize what you did.

You say the bike has a short? Does the battery discharge when you are not riding?

My bike only has a kill switch too and everything seems okay. It also has a little "ignition button" but that doesn't seem to function on my bike.

If it's working. I wouldn't worry about it.


Yes, I am saying the bike had NO battery and ran good.as to the short I speak of. I did a leak test right from the manual.Disconnect negative from battery trminal and connect a meter set on 20vdc between the battery and the disconnected wire. There should be no voltage if every thing is off. I get 12vdc!! I left the battery connected over night and saw a 1 v drop in that time. So, yes it is losing voltage.


That sounds like a short. I'm not much good at hurting for electrical problems, I'd poke around a bit...and maybe find it. If not, I'd take it to a good mechanic who'd probably find in it 10 minutes.

Good luck,

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