wr 426

I have a 01 wr426. I have done both wire mods, the bk carb mod, removed the air box lid, changed it over to yz timing and have a full system stainless DSP exhaust. I was thinking of rejetting because I have not messed with the jetting yet. Does anyong have any suggestions as to what jets I should get or any other mods I should try?

I can help you with rejetting, I recently did mine. What altitude do you live at? What's the temperature range? What's the humidity? Answer this, and I can help you out some.

I live in Indiana but I also go to other states to ride. I go to east Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. I need jetting that will work well for more than just where I live now or what jet combos I shoud use for different altitudes.

It gets pretty hot and humid in the summer and pretty stikin cold in the winter. I do ride some in the winter but not a lot.

Does anyong have any suggestions as to what jets I should get

My signature has jetting that I have been very happy with. Your open pipe may like the needle and main a touch richer but not much. :)

Hey wildman,

No offense to you tct :) but I think your main jet is WAY too rich. Here's my personal experience with the jetting on my bike. The stock pilot jet has always been perfect for me. I ride from 2200' feet all the way up to over 11,000.' I've never had any problems there. Up at that height, i lost quite a bit of top end (from 3/4 - full throttle) with the stock jetting (165 main). I dropped to a 158, and i solved that problem perfectly. Now I understand that you are at a low altitude, but it's also quite humid back there. When the humidity is high, you need to lean your carb. I'd just buy a few leaner main jets, try them in and see how it goes. As far as the needle goes, my recommendation (which stems from a factory Yamaha mechanic friend of mine) is to not change the clip position (at least not leaner). He says that the bikes tend to backfire. The awesome thing about big bore bikes is that they are the most tolerant of air differences. It's the 80 and 125 2-stroks that have the most problem with jetting. But I am confident that once you lean out your main jet, the bike will feel great. :D I'd recommend going to the jetting forum and posting a similar question. There's a guy here named James Dean that really knows his jetting. There's also a James Dean jetting kit for sale in the TT shop.

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